How It Works

Become a member of FiveMinutesAWeek . One day a week, log in and start the timer. Choose from a selection of five-minute tasks-- each designed to help our planet—or suggest your own cause.

  • You can up or down-vote and also comment on the environmental activities listed on the Home Page. In this way, popular consensus will determine the activities displayed.
  • Experience an exciting, unique feature of this website called The Interview, which creates the opportunity for live personal webcam interviews with celebrities, experts, and interesting personalities who share your passion for environmental activism.

What is FiveMinutesAWeek?

FiveMinutesAWeek is designed to encourage actions that help preserve our planet for all species. Its concept of "five minutes multiplied by millons" could be immensely powerful-- through petitions, calls, and online activities that bring collective pressure on irresponsible individuals, corporations and governments. This framework could also serve as an accessible entry point for many who are new to environmental activism-- promoting deeper, more physical involvement in the critical issues of our time.

Let's dream for a moment. Five million members, contributing just the minimum five minutes a week, would be time-equivalent to a small army of thousands of highly focused full-time staff-- dedicated to stopping the destruction of our world.

And when we see how possible it really is to win meaningful victories, many of us of us become encouraged, empowered and motivated to dive in and get more and more involved.

The Interview

The most unique and eye-opening concept proposed by this website is called the Interview. After launch, it is hoped that a number of individuals who are well-known or else have useful training, skills or talent will become members. These individuals have an additional easy, enjoyable and fulfilling way they can contribute toward saving our planet. This will be to grant a five minute interview over webcam to a fortunate member who may have logged an exemplary amount of time, been particularly effective in creating positive change in the world-- or is just plain lucky.

Let's say, for example, any of the Obamas, or Bill Gates, or Selena Gomez, Jay-Z and Beyonce, even the Dalai Lama or Pope Francis (why not dream big?) want to support environmental preservation and volunteerism. A lot of us would love to spend five minutes talking face-to-face with these vibrant, larger-than-life personalities. So when each one of these famous people become members and make themselves available--- one or more of us will be able to personally interview them, to connect with them in a one-time webcam interview lasting five minutes. It is anticipated that this added incentive, which stems from the spirit of giving and sharing, is an attractive and attention-getting feature that will help make this website become popular and effective-- thereby encouraging actions that help the planet.

This special category of people who make themselves available for interviews does not need to be limited to famous people. It can also include, for example, highly-trained individuals in the legal, financial, medical, computing and internet, scientific, literary, artistic, academic and other fields... accomplished professionals and talented personalities, who’s advice is a valuable commodity— even in five-minute increments.

Note that if you decide to become an Interview Volunteer, your identity will remain hidden-- except for what you want to disclose. No one will view your email address or contact details, photograph, or identifying data of any kind-- only the short biography you compose yourself. You will be able to choose whether the webcam includes video, or is limited to audio only. And of course, you can discontinue your Interview Volunteer status at any time.

(Naturally, should any of this come into being, FiveMinutesAWeek will not be responsible for the veracity, value or quality of Interview Volunteers. Use of this website means you are accepting its informal, good-faith framework.  Act on any advice, information or opinion provided by an Interview Volunteer at your own risk.)

The Newsletter

Sign up for the newsletter to receive important updates. These will probably be monthly. In other words, you will not be spammed. An unsubscribe link will be at the bottom of every newsletter, and on your Profile page. It is highly advisable to select the newsletter option during signup, in order to be informed of important website feature rollouts, or other exciting developments-- such as (hopefully) a running tally of A-list celebrities, as well as high-performing specialists in every field.

Private or Admin-Reviewed?

When you sign up, you will be given the option to keep your action log Private or Admin-Reviewed. If you select the Private option, only you will be able to track your completed environmental activities (in which you clicked the five-minute timer).

If you select the Admin-Reviewed option, your timed actions may be reviewed by Admin-- and used to help determine eligibility for select webcam interviews.

Members who have chosen  the Admin-Reviewed option will also be able to create a personalized page called the “Environmental Resume”. This is where you can list your favorite personal endeavors and accomplishments in helping save our planet for future generations. This page will also be visible to Admin and may be sometimes be used to determine ranking for prime webcam interviews. (You can access the Environmental Resume on your Profile page.)

The webcam selection process will also have a random, lottery-style component so that anyone can enjoy a chance of being chosen. Keep in mind that the sooner you become a member and start participating, the higher you will rate in eligibility level.

Those who are emailed an invitation are of course free to decline the interview.

Coming Features

The Forum will be a way for us to connect, to suggest effective activism for others to choose from, and share what has worked. It will be moderator-approved, favoring comments and posts that are brief, informational and to the point.

Also coming soon is the Reminder Feature-- you will be able to select a day and time in which a reminder email will be sent for you to complete your weekly fulfilling task.

The Webcam interface is also under development.

In case you have privacy concerns, this website uses SSL encryption (https) so you can be assured of a secure connection.

This website is the result of a sincere desire to help the world situation. If you are intrigued by its potential, please feel free to contribute your participation and resources toward its further development in any way you feel moved.

It all starts with you becoming a member.