Focusing our power

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Can you suggest topics and actions for this website?

Here is an example. If enough of us spend five minutes becoming informed about the natural way to capture carbon-- though sustainable farming— it could lead to an agricultural revolution that saves the planet.

How? Remember, once each of us dips our toes in, it’s much more likely that many of us will dive in and get more deeply involved in these kinds of supremely urgent problems. All it takes is a spark to start a wildfire (in this case, a mass movement away from corporate control of food production-- one of the main causes of species destruction and global warming). 

Online activites work well within a five-minute framework-- such as GreaterGood, with all its affiliates, including TheHungerSite.

Internet “green” activists (derisively referred to by some environmental warriors as "clictivists" or "slactivists") can actually bring great collective pressure to bear on corporations and governments. In addition, online connections with such causes often serve as entry points to deeper, passionate, physical involvement in the urgent issues facing us.

Phone calls to appropriate agencies can work wonders. We can also simply talk to our friends and co-workers. Becoming environmentally educated and raising the overall global awareness level is crucial to change.

What are the most effective political activities through which we can leverage real change? For instance, progressive online organizations such as Daily Kos and MoveOn -- and particularly large global ones such as Avazz— have many online petitions and effective causes we can contribute to, like this one to reduce ocean plastic. What else can you suggest?

Use the forum (coming soon) to bring up new ideas for activism. You can also comment and up or downvote the activities shown on each page.