It starts with me

Start Stop

"Think globally, act locally... AND globally". Let's check out these simple 5 steps we can take for our lonely planet— and spend at least five minutes  during the week-- accomplishing at least one of the various actions. (For example, changing out inefficient incandescent light bulbs, or purchasing reusable shopping bags). Every small action we take has an impact. 

If we need a reminder, it’s helpful to write it down and put it somewhere prominent where we will see it.

Come back next week to read this article about how our individual CO2 output translates to Arctic sea ice loss. 

“For each tonne of CO2 that a person emits anywhere on this planet, three square metres of Arctic summer sea ice disappears”. ( Prof Dirk Notz, at the Max-Planck-Institute for Meteorology in Hamburg, Germany.)

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