Ditch the Guzzler

Start Stop


Take five minutes to calculate the carbon footprint of your car-- and find out how much money you would be saving in fuel costs by using this tool. (Note-- this equation does not even take into account the much lower annual repair costs generally associated with hybrid cars.)

OK-- we took the extreme ends of the spectrum of guzzlers versus gas-sippers to arrive at the $15,000 savings (actually, it was more like $16,500)... but check it out. You might save even more—especially if you switch from a pickup truck to a car. The carbon difference can amount to several tons per year-- greenhouse gases that do not end up going into the atmosphere. 

Our buying decision will send a powerful message to automakers to stop building so many oversized and inefficient vehicles. These vehicles consume a huge amount of energy and raw materials to manufacture, in addition to the pollution and greenhouse gases spewed out over the lifetime of the vehicle.