Imagine If We All Gave 5 Minutes (Here’s how it works)

It starts with me

The Green New Deal is an exciting, far- reaching vision of how the USA could become a shining example of environmentalism for the world. But we can also make simple lifestyle changes:

Stop bankrolling destruction

Most big-bank savings accounts are highly effective weapons of mass destruction. Here's one of the quickest, most effective thing we can do to help save the planet. Stop destroying it with our investments.

Go Solar if you own or rent

We comparison shopped and got competing quotes in only five minutes. It turns out even renters can switch to renewable energy-- reducing carbon dioxide output while actually lowering monthly bills.

Focusing our power

Let’s put our knowledge, research, opinions and hearts together. What actions can we take that are effective, accessable, and sustainable— activism that can be broken down into five-minute increments?

Ditch the Guzzler

Would you mind if someone handed you a check for $15,000? You could save even more than this over ten years in fuel cost by driving an efficient car. The carbon difference? Literally tons per year.

Ice cold motivation

Need an ice-cold dose of motivation? It might help to remind ourselves just how bad things are-- and how urgent it has become to wake up and take action. Take five minutes to read from these articles.

Make money talk

It’s often said that money is power. However, no money (for irresponsible corporations) can be even more powerful. Download the app— then spend five shopping minutes to save the planet.

The importance of optimism

We all know how paralyzing depression and pessimism can be. So why do we let ourselves get dragged down? Too often our media intake reinforces our pain body. It's time to take control-- in 5 fun minutes.

More Coming Soon

Stay tuned for future ideas. Or, become a member and add your own box here-- make suggestions for effective actions we can take to help our planet-- actions that can be broken down into five-minute steps.